For decades there have been laws preventing car sales on Sundays. Some dealerships see it as antiquated; others embrace it.

But, forget the car sales part of the equation and considered, even if limited hours, opening the service bays on a Sunday even if you legally have to keep the showroom closed.

Essentially, it could be your most profitable day of the week.

Chris Miller, President of Recall Masters, recently touted the benefits in a Digital Dealer article. One dealership saw 80 percent of the jobs coming in on Sunday needing maintenance work, such as quick service. “This immediately increases customer-pay revenue…” Miller says.

This service also eases the frustrations of customers trying to bring their vehicles in before work during the week and helps stave off third-party competition from quick lube centers who remain open on Sundays and willing service customers.

Few dealerships open their doors on Sundays (if they are legally allowed to do so), however, those who do find benefits.

Jeff Dobson, Service Manager at Pohanka Chevrolet, states, “It’s easier for clients to come in on Sunday. Put yourself in their shoes, alter your hours to meet their needs.”

Pohanka Chevrolet has offered Sunday service for about a decade.

Recruiting quality talent and retaining employees may be easier as well. Rick Wegley, an instructor with NCM Associates, recommends making “weekend hours a part of your recruitment.” Technicians may enjoy the steady work and knowing they can do activities, generally reserved for weekends, on a Monday when there is less of a crowd.

Consumers expect “convenience, customized service and control of the experience,” Bonnie Knutson, a professor in the School of Hospitality Business in the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University, says. So, in an age when consumers want what they want, when they want it, it makes sense to cater to their needs and provide a positive customer experience.

The more positive interactions a dealership can have with their customers, the likelier they are to turn them into a customer for life. Opening the service department on Sundays may be your next step to increasing customer retention and revenue.