Customers are inundated with more features to learn about their vehicles. Dealerships have the responsibility and an incredible amount of pressure to take the car buyer through a variety of features – some of which the salesperson may not be very familiar with.

As vehicles become more equipped with higher levels of tech, it will be increasingly imperative for the dealership to take on an active role in explaining its full capabilities. By proactively explaining the tech features to the customer, a dealership can show they are truly invested in the customer experience, even after they have driven off the lot.

Everyone loves tech in their vehicles but not everyone easily understands it. While the younger generations appreciate the connectivity and high-tech components of the vehicle, older generations find the blind spot warnings, back-up cameras and braking features to be especially beneficial. Some need more instructions on usage over others.

The basic features we take for granted such as climate control, radio, GPS and cruise control are no longer about turning a dial; it’s multifaceted and can be a considerable distraction when learning its use while driving.

This becomes an issue though when it’s time to explain the full range of tech features on the vehicle and how to maximize its use. Yes, a customer understands the vehicle has air conditioning and window defrosting, and they probably believe they can quickly implement them at a moment’s notice, however, fiddling with the console features when they’re not used to them can be frustrating.

The problem is, the last thing most car buyers want to do after spending hours at the dealership is to sit and learn about the car they just bought. They just want to drive it out of there.

The trick is creating a great experience that proves you are committed to customer satisfaction. The Northwest GM dealership has a salesperson who is considered a tech-friendly customer support person, or “tech-spert”, and is available to chat with customers when they have tech-related questions, even after they have taken delivery and left the lot.

They also shoot tutorials. A one-minute “how-to” video show from a smart phone regarding using the GPS feature has the opportunity to bring more eyes to your dealership and show that you not only care about the customer experience, but that you are experts in the vehicle features.

Offering quick, “how-to” videos digitally is valuable because the customer has it on-demand, so they can access it months later, if necessary.

OneClick Loyalty is the perfect platform to reach out to customers and assure them that you are available to answer any questions regarding their vehicle, including features, F&I and other aspects related to their car.

When the buyer needs an expert, make sure they have a reason to come to you. Being available and ensuring the customer gets the most out of their vehicle ownership experience plays a big role in driving retention, building loyalty and increasing revenue.